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Help With Bugs,

In this day and age Virus's/Spyware/Malware/Adware can be a problem to even the most cautious computer user.

One thing to always keep in mind is NEVER feel that you are 100% protected as this will lead to a false sense of security which can

Actually increase the odds of getting viruses.... One of the best tools to use is commonsense, in the old days simply not opening an email

from someone you didn't know was good enough for most of us. But over the years through the  advent of trojan horses, root kits, and the like

the axiom no longer holds true. Now it should be said not to open an email from someone you know as most malicious software will first attempt to

email itself to everyone in your address book making them think it is coming from you. Now that is not to say all viruses do that as a fact of the matter most

do not. Also with drive by infections becoming more prevalent everyday (for instance misspelling a url IE instead of

The need for a good anti virus /spyware/ malware remover become all that more important. Their are 100's of scanners out their that work in varying degress

all will have a trade off in one for or another.


I will not go into depth on the various different antivurs/antispyware products but will instead touch on a few and give highlights.


For instance Grisoft ( offers AVG internet security and AVG Free edition. The free edition offers Excellent AntiVirus and AntiSpyware

 protection. While the Internet Security at a price of $54.99 Offers a more complete package with a software based firewall/antispam/instant message scans

 and safe surf which helps protect from malcious web pages. The obvious benefit to the free edition is the simple fact that it is Free and a very good

 scanner that will work very for light to medium surfing and such. While the pay version will add a higher level to that, with im scanning/safe surf/ and

 a very easy to configure and use firewalll.


Avast ( also offers a free antivirus solution that offers the only realtime dos mode scanner that even works with vista.

What this means to most people is when a virus infects a file be it a system service or a standard library file(.dll). Those files are not easily removed

as they are currently in use when the system is running and makes it almost impossible for most scanners to remove/delete/rename those files

so disinfection can be daunting. Real mode scanning allows  those infected files to be removed before the actuall operating system is loaded.


Panda Antivirus ( Does not offer a free antivirus but has a well respected and very good scanner of their own. I am personally fond

of this as Panda has been able to find alot of stuff that other scanners have missed. Cost start around $29.95 per year. with the internet security version

with firewall starting around $49.95.


Trendmicro AKA PcCillin ( Does not have a free scanner but they do offer a free online scanner that will remove infected files it finds

and lets you know of existing system vulnerabilities. Go to to give it a try. They also have a Standalone Antivirus/Antispyware

product, as well as a full internet security suite. I recomend NO LESS that a Dual Core Cpu and 1GB Ram to run this as the system impact is substantial.


Spybot Search and Destroy ( Has been around for years and works better then most commercial apps on the market.

Spybot IS NOT a TSR program meaning it is not loaded into memory and must be manually run and updated.


Superantispyware ( Fairly a newcomer in the antispyware game this small little program(6.4mb) work surprisingly well

their is a free edition and a paid edition. The free edition wont autoupdate so you must do it manually. But does offer Home page protection and

Various other scanning options. Superantispyware and spybot compliment each other and do a great job at keeping down the spy/malware.


Now remember especially with windows xp if you are not connected to a router wether wirelessly or wired a firewall is imperative to have.

Windows xp built in firewall is a one way firewall which im my opinion should have been left out because it gives a flase sense of security to people

The firewall that is built into your router wether it be trendnet,linksys,netgear,belking,ect... Is deffinatly preferable to most all software based firewalls.


Please keep in mind that your antivirus/spyware scanner is only as good as the last update even if it is set for automatic updates be sure and check

manually every so often to make sure a new update hasnt become available. Sometime a widespread infection can hit and infect you in between update

cycles, so always update update update.



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